Residential Move

Pyramid Moving Systems, as prominent Los Angeles County, Orange County, Bay Area County and Bay Area movers, is committed to provide the best residential moving service for its customers who is planning just a local move or a long distance move. Our moving service quality starts from the time you call us to get an quote for your move. Our telephone operator will collect all necessary information about your move and will, accordingly, explain the full moving procedure for your apartment or house move. After you get the quick plan about your move, you will be given the best competitive price with quality guaranteed service. If you agree our pricing and rates, we will schedule your move depending on your and our availability. Usually, if you are moving within these areas, our movers can reach your address in minutes: Los Angeles County, Orange County, Bay Area County and Bay Area.

The next service quality starts from the materials and tools we use in order to create a reliable and safe moving service for the person or family moving out. Our movers make every effort to protect all the items they are moving. Therefore, they use the best necessary tools to secure, protect and cover them. Our tools include, but not limited to using quality tapes, quality stratch wraps, cloth blankets, handyman tools, shoulder dollies, regular dollies. On all our premium moving packages we cover every necessary item or furniture with blankets or stretch wraps so they don't get any sctratch or mark. There is no extra charge on for using any of the tools in our premium packages.

Other important precaution in residential moving is to make sure all the items, boxes and furnitures inside a truck are stacked and located accordingly. This is necessary to give correct balance to the truck and not to let things collide with each other, while the truck is moving on the road.

The last step we perform is to carefully unload all the items. including, furniture, boxes, appliances, electronics. Once all the belonging are takes inside your apartment or house, we can at your decision unpack all the covered items and set them on their designated place in rooms. We also reassemble all the furniture to create convenience for you.