Long Distance Move

Pyramid Moving Systems is licensed and insured moving company which is eager to provide a same-day or next day delivery moving service for long distance moving planners. Most of our long distance moving services are scheduled in a way that the loading, transporting and unloading household goods are performed on the same day in order to give a convenience for our customers. As a reliable Los Angeles County, Orange County, Bay Area County and Bay Area moving company, our movers do their excellent performance to exceptional customer service along with moving service. Even though our company is one of the youngest among the local Los Angeles County, Orange County, Bay Area County and Bay Area movers, we have already received enough appraisals from our customers. Therefore, we can assure our customers that they never regret if they use our relocation service to move your belongings locally or nationwide.

Long Distance moving quotes can be given by arranging an onsite visit to a customer's apartment or house. Visiting and giving detailed moving quotes are completely free and no obligation to reserve your local move from us. Long Distance moving rates apply where the distance between loading and unloading exceeds the 100 constructive miles. Long distance move is calculated based on the distance and the weight of the goods truck is loaded. Pyramid Moving Systems' reliable trucks are ready to transport your household goods from Los Angeles County, Orange County, Bay Area County and Bay Area to anywhere within the State of California and other neighboring states. Additionally, our trucks can reach other neighboring cities, including, Carlsbad, Escondido, Oceanside, Chula Vista, Del Mar, within minutes and be ready to load your belongings for long trips. We work with every customer closely to provide dedicated moving service starting from the loading address to the last unloading destination. To make the moving even more simple, Pyramid Moving Systems recommends you to plan your Long Distance Move as early as possible. This kind of move usually requires some serious preparation.

How to prepare for Long Distance Move:

- Prepare 20-40 days for you apartment move or house move.
- Plan ahead if you need a storage at the new location or city.
- Sort your belongings from most to least needed in the first days at new location
- Separate all bills related to your old house or apartment, so you can find them if needed
- Keep in mind that moving companies cannot transport perishable food and chemically hazardous materials.

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